Ancient center of the middle age risen on a spur dominant tufaceo the valley of the Sacco river . City from the picturesque lanes, theater of famous episodes remembered by the poet Dante, center of many Popes, gave birth to four pontiffs: Innocenzo III, Gregorio IX, Alessandro IV e Bonifacio VIII. Ernico village, they assume important and numerous archaeological discoveries that testify the use of the writing.  
The city owes the beginning of its transformation to the Romans that have left each other traces of their civilization through building remains constituted by big blocks of marble, that imposing arc. s form

The Cathedral of S. Maria, decorated with floors and  some Roman marble constitutes one of  the best conserved churches to this day. Introduces numerous chapels among which that of the family Cajetani with the coat of arms of Bonifacio VIII. 
The Crypt preserves the remains of the Saints of the city and frescos of images drawn from the Bible and from the culture of the middle age. Notable the bon  inside which Pope Bonifacio VIII was attacked by emissaries of Phillip IV. People  raised to defend  the Pontiff and cast away the authors of the outrage passed in history as "the slap of Anagni."