The town of Arpino has suffered varied dominiis and dominions from the Volscis to the Sannitis, to the Romans, until it entered to belong to the Pontifical State. It was country of Caio Mario, Cicero, and of the painter Cesari, says the Rider of Arpino. The motives for interest to visit Arpino they are many: we remember the whole Benedictine monastery of S. Andrew Apostle from now on one of the most ancient monasteries of seclusion of the zone,; in it it is possible to admire a cross that represents the Christ Trionfante on the death. 
Still of notable interest is the church of S. Michael Archangel rich in work of the six hundred of the Rider of Arpino.

Detector of the authentic mind of the city ' the acropoli, with the boundaries pre-Romans in which Door Scea is opened, to sixth acute, unique example in Europe of a diffused technique in ancient Small Asia. It also deserves a visit the Museums of the lute and that of the wool, to testimony of the deep experience in the workmanship of this fabric of the inhabitants of the town. But if we go in search of curiosity we find you disseminate in the country pages in stone that they reproduce poetries devoted to Arpino from numerous international writers. 
Between the most important demonstrations, the Certamen Ciceronianum Arpinos, that is held in the month of May. In honor of the illustrious city Cicero it is developed a competition of translation and comment of his famous passage. The competition has opened to the young people of Europe for an interesting partner-cultural exchange.