Fiuggi is a thermal station note since the XII sec; between the illustrious characters that served each other of his/her waters we remember Pope Bonifacio VIII, Michelangelo, Pope Pious X, Giolitti, Benedetto Croce. Fiuggi city has castled on a dominant hill a pleasant basin to 747 ms. of height. Of notable interest is the church of S. Biagio Martyr, to whose inside is possible to admire a painting of the Virgo with his/her Child and a picture of the Cavalier of Arpino. 
More in low we find Fiuggi source where they are found the sources that make of Fiuggi one of the most important stations for the hydrotherapy of Italia. 

Mineral and radioactive waters are particularly suitable in the renal illnesses and in the gout. The modern thermal center includes the Source Bonifacio VIII, absorbed in woods of chestnut trees, pines and oaks and the Source Anticolana, inaugurated in the years twenty. 
In the first one it is possible to not only effect the cares in summer, walking inside the park stopping each other to drink to the numerous absorbed fontanelles in the green, but also in winter, thanks to the numerous fittings of heating. The Source Anticolana is instead the ideal for the one who he/she wants to spend pleasant times in the tennis fields, minigolf, bottles and ping pong. Fiuggi in fact he/she doesn't offer efficient thermal fittings only but also numerous relaxations for all the ages.