Frosinone, capital of province is a  city of origin volsca, despite it rose in the territory of the Ernicis. It  rebelled from Rome in 306 before Christ, it has lost  a third of the territory. It was  destroyed more times during the barbaric invasions, suffering numerous calamities up to the XVIII sec.

The ancient nucleus rises on the summit of the dominant hill overlooking the Cosa  valley of , and it preserves a structure of the middle age, even if today the city has a predominantly modern aspect. The territory is mountainous and hilly, limited to north from the Simbruinis mountains, Ernici and of the Destination; to south from the Auruncis and Ausoni.

At the place of the Pontifical Building, in the after war the Building of the Prefecture has been built on  Vittorio Veneto square, from which is possible to admire the splendid underlying panorama.  The period  after war the reconstruction of the cathedral of the year seven hundred one of S. Maria Assume, that introduces frescos of contemporary artists.
Interesting it is the town archaeological Museum, that picks up objects of varied nature, from the vases in ceramics to objects in terracotta or stone.