The feud of Paliano was granted in the XV century at Pope Martino V to the noble family of the Column. He/she remained to the Column up to 1556, when Paul IV dethroned them. it Returned to the family in the XVI century. 
Between the most interesting constructions the Ducal Building and the Collegiate one of S. Andrea in which have preserved the rests of the family Column. In this building in Baroque style, it is possible to admire 700 splendid paintings. 
The country is untied everything around the Fortitude, rampart set to defense of the whole valley in the Middle age, structured with a double surrounded of boundaries in degree to withstand to the hostile attacks and in way from to be impregnable. 

Today the Fortitude has been transformed in the jail of maximum safety. 
In the you press of Paliano you/he/she has recommended the visit to the Natural Park you Forest, that entertains numerous aquatic kinds and it is well equipped for the tourist visits and to the Foundation Zerinthya, in place Cervinara, ancient village of the Principles Column. The Foundation entertains the show of artists permanently what Pistoletto, Schifano, Sol Lewitt.