Center of the Lazio on the north-oriental slope of the Ausonis mountains, Pastena owes his/her name to the verb " pastenare ", that means to cultivate. Today it has the aspect of a typical center of the middle age, with the characteristics boundaries of surrounded and towers of sighting set to defense of the old suburb.  
From to also visit in country the Museum of the country civilization and the olive-grove. The inside of the Museum in origin was used for the workmanship of the olives as it shows the presence of a millstone and the press. 
In the month of June there is then a to bloom of parties and tied up celebrations to the traditional job in the fields :   the parade of the wagons, to the feast of the cherry, up to the Palio of the regions, in program every year the first Sunday after 5.

But the city is known above all for his/her famous caves carsiche explored in 1926 and constituted by two parallel systems: that inferior, crossed by the Ledger Ditch; that superior, dry, rich of stalactites and stalagmites. The rocks, of origin mesozoica, constitute an extremely suggestive scenery. To accent of it the charm, the names given to the varied burrows: room of the wonder, room of the bats, room of the columns etc.